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About Us

How it all started....

I had always been looking for a way to help supplement our family income. Visiting local craft fairs, I was always inspired by some of the crafts that I saw. I often told my wife, "I need to come up with something neat to sell".
Finally in 2011, with little woodworking experience and skills, and just the few old tools that I had acquired over the years I made my first candy dispenser. Needless to say, it needed some work and some tweaking! After building a few more candy dispensers, I decided to start selling them. To my surprise, orders began to come in FAST! I knew then that I might have just found that "neat item to sell". At this point, I was able to convince my wife to allow me to purchase a few basics tools and occupy a portion of our garage. In 2012, I started to perfect my craft and realized my love for woodworking! Selling over 115 candy dispenser that year, I was unable to keep up with the demand and sold out before Christmas. My workshop began to grow, as the space for my wife's car began to disappear in the garage. I was becoming more efficient, but needed to expand my space. We finally decided to build my own workshop. We built a cozy 12 x 20 shed in the backyard and I finished out the inside (drywall, electrical, insulation, etc.). I love my shop! I finally have a dedicated place to work that is strictly devoted to woodworking! Now as my products are gaining popularity, I am making close to 200 candy dispensers a year. I am always blown away, that people want to buy my work. The feeling of knowing that my product is proudly displayed in someone's home is overwhelming.
Recently, I've begun exploring other areas of woodworking and have become very inspired to grow in my craft. I am eager to learn new ideas and techniques and look forward to what may come in the future. I just started adding items such as cutting boards, wine displays,  scroll saw art, and other small items to my inventory, but my real knack will always be making candy dispensers. 
I now have 3 young boys (14,12, & 10), who all love to be out in my shop with me. I am looking forward to teaching them the art of woodworking and hope to share my love of the craft with them as they grow up.

Business is picking up more and more every year. Thank you to all those who have sent business our way! I am excited to see where my business will go in the coming years and look forward to sharing it with you!

-David Forte

Owner & Operator

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